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I write mainly about my experiences with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), but often mental health more broadly. I recently graduated with an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing. I also work at a public library and perform in community theater. Before this, I served as a Mental Health First Aid instructor through the AmeriCorps program.

My original intent in starting a blog was to have a place to freely express my thoughts and experiences in regards to having OCD. I spent many, many years not understanding my anxiety and as a result, remaining silent about it. The blog served and continues to serve as my voice on OCD: an end to my silence. Most importantly I hope that what I write can help someone else struggling through something similar. 

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  1. Morgan thank you for your blog. My daughter (who has long lovely curly hair like you) is graduating high school this year. She has struggled with OCD and attended a residential treatment program. I saw your blog post featured on the IOCDF and it immediately hit home and was also hopeful. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work! – SherryAva

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    • Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you could relate to the blog post. I hope you daughter is doing better or is still hopeful about getting better. Send her my early congratulations on graduating!


  2. Omg, I’m so glad to read of other people’s experience with reading ocd (something which I didn’t quite realize had its own title).

    Reading ocd has been my main ocd issue for the last number of years. Since reading is one of the most important aspects of my life, most ocd sufferers will understand that this is also when ocd is most likely to activate.

    In addition to re-reading, I would repeat phrases and techniques to help me concentrate and neutralize the thoughts, impulses, etc. In other words, this became a reading compulsion.

    I’ve recently come across a great book and video series by Katie d’Ath, which was very helpful. However, my latest ocd concern is that reading ocd is”different” and thus CBT and ERP will be ineffective. I understand this is also very typical of ocd – the idea that your variety of ocd is different and will thus be unresponsive to treatment.

    If anybody could respond with similar stories, book or therapy suggestions, some words of advior even just to say that they could relate, that would be so amazingly helpful to me, I’m sure.

    I was so glad to read of your similar experience with reading ocd, but even more glad to read that you have since overcome the issue. Best wishes, everyone!



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