Coping Box

boxCoping box: noun., 1. A box full of tools for relaxation, distractions, and goodies to make you smile 🙂

After hearing about these for months I finally made my own coping box! The goal of a coping box is to have a “box of tricks” ready and in one place for when you are very upset or stressed. Then you can use what is in your box without having to try to think of ways to cope while in the middle of a freak out.

I bought a pretty, purple box at Michael’s and here is what I put inside:

  • Coloring book and crayons
  • Sudoku puzzle book
  • Play-Doh (something to feel)
  • Lavender lotion (something to smell)
  • Hard candy (something to taste)
  • Balloons to blow up
  • Tissues
You can never be too old for Play-Doh.

Things I may still add:

  • Photos of family, friends, and pets
  • Quotes
  • A snow globe (something to look at)

I made sure chose items that would engage different senses and items that could serve as distractions. I haven’t tried using the box yet but I really hope it helps!


Here are two blog posts that inspired me to make a coping box:

I would love to hear what others have put in a coping box they made and if you haven’t ever made one I say go for it. This was a really fun project and it will hopefully come in handy!


My dog really wanted to help when I was taking these pictures.


  1. I’ve heard of the idea of a coping box, but never made one. Maybe one day I will. I think you’re idea of including lotion is a great idea. Perhaps adding an iPod for music if you have one or a notebook and pen would also be something great to add as well. The important thing is that you include healthy things that help you relax. Your dog’s adorable by the way! 🙂

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