Update on Not Alone Notes

Not Alone Notes now has it’s own website!

For more updated information, please visit our website linked above.


About five months ago I started a project called Not Alone Notes. The idea was to mail handwritten cards to others with OCD for free to remind them they aren’t alone, encourage hope, and dispense resources. I decided to run with it, made a blog post, and started sending notes out. Thanks to the help of fellow OCD warrior, Molly, the project took off and we started sending the notes on handmade cards made by Molly.

Since the project started, it has grown rapidly. We have sent over 125 cards to 32 states and 10 countries! We now have a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and have even submitted a proposal to present about the project at the Annual OCD Conference this summer. I’m ecstatic that so many people have requested and received notes, and hopefully their lives have been impacted for the better. The messages we’ve received in return have been incredibly heartwarming.



In order for the project to continue to grow we need even more awareness about what we are doing. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Request a note for yourself or your friend with OCD (to do so fill out this form). And fill out this form nominating us to be featured in a video for The Mighty (the email to include is myocdvoice@gmail.com).

Thank you to everyone for your support for this project. And a huge thank you to Molly for your help sending cards, for promoting the project, and for your beautiful cards. I couldn’t have done this without you.




  1. I hesitated to ask for a card when I first read about your idea. I felt like in didn’t deserve it or something like that. When I finally got brave enough to ask, I was so happy to receive a card. Its hanging on my fridge in my kitchen. Makes me smile when I see it, so thank you!!!

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