An Exposure a Day Keeps the OCD Away

OCD can be a relentless bully, and the key to fighting it is consistent, consistent, consistent exposures. Even though I am in recovery I still do regular exposures to keep my OCD in check.

The wonderful thing is these exposures barely cause any anxiety, and it is nothing like the anxiety I felt when I was first getting treatment for OCD. They are just small blimps of discomfort, and I’m able to go about my day. It ensures I get to continue living a full life without being closed in on by OCD. Plus, if a new obsession tries to pop up, I’m still in practice of doing exposures. I can quickly come up with an exposure and extinguish compulsions before they grow.

Sometimes I even purposely try to make sure I do an exposure every single day. After all, as I like to say, an exposure a day keeps the OCD away. I often document this with the hashtag #exposureoftheday. I’d love if you joined me (@MorgansVoice_ on Twitter)! What was your exposure of the day?

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  1. Its really good to kinda train our brain.

    Mine is reading about a topic, a topic that used to be a obsession. it still gets to me, but i feel much better if i expose myself to it without response. I don’t get compulsions on the outside, but my compulsion was finding of an answer to the obsessions.

    Hop[e you are well

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