100th Blog Post! I’m writing a book!

my dog helping me organize pages of my book draft

After four years of blogging and advocacy and public speaking, publishing this officially marks my 100th blog post! Little did I know when I started my blog over four years ago that this project I began with hesitation would continue for so long. I didn’t know it would be so important to my recovery and ability to connect with others. I didn’t know I would be able to watch myself grow, both in my writing and recovery. My blog acts almost as a public diary of my mental health journey. For that and anyone who has ever read, I am grateful. 

I’ve been trying to decide what to write for my 100th blog post for weeks, and I’ve finally decided it’s best to just talk about what I’m up to now.


I’m writing a book!

It’s a mental health memoir specifically about these past few years with BPD told in short, free verse poems. The working title is Walking the Border. After about a month of writing, I’m already up to 15,000 words! Not bad, eh? At this point I’m going to continue writing and editing, and I’ve also started working on my book proposal.


I plan to keep this blog and Not Alone Notes going as well. Who knows what my next new project will be?

Thanks again for reading,


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