Is Fred in the Refrigerator? book review

fred1.jpgHere comes another book recommendation! This time, we’re switching it up from self-help books and moving into a memoir. Is Fred in the Refrigerator? was written by OCD warrior turned therapist, mental health advocate, and previous IOCDF Keynote Speaker, Shala Nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Shala is an exceptional human being, yes, for her skill and talent as a professional, but more for her strength and heart as a human.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Is Fred in the Refrigerator?

by Shala Nicely, LPC

Goodreads; Amazon

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Shala at the IOCDF Annual Conference, and I have admired her mostly from afar. It was a treat to not only get to take a journey into her head, but moreover, to find so much of myself in her story. I could’ve read 100 more pages.

Shala’s story is one of inspiration. She worked hard (and is still working as we all continue to do) to take on her monsters. But then she has gone and also turned her “adversity into advocacy,” as she so eloquently calls it. This book is likely to help many feel less alone in having OCD and related disorders and will also educate them about a great number of resources. Shala’s book is a beautiful example of how good storytelling can change lives.

Jade enjoyed “reading” about Fred



  1. I read this book recently too and really enjoyed it. One aspect I appreciated was how Shala made it clear that she was never “sick” and then “better.” Mental illness is a journey with steps forward and backwards, but hopefully more progress in the forward direction 🙂 I don’t have OCD but this was a great glimpse into what it is like.

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