Reblog: Blame

A wonderful reminder to work on accepting OCD whispering in our thoughts as a bully (we can’t change that) but to let the thoughts pass and keep on pushing forward with our own lives


One of the most unhelpful places to dwell when experiencing OCD type anxiety is blame.  After all, what good does it do to blame someone else or even yourself for your OCD?  There are no villians in this game.  And even if there were, blaming them would solve nothing for you.

Yes, life circumstances may aggravate your tendency towards OCD anxiety flare ups.  But if you are like me, you cannot really pin OCD down on one thing.  Is it genetic?  Perhaps.  Four of my closest relatives have some form of anxiety, so there is a strong argument for genetics in my case.  Is it a response to childhood events or stresses?  Is it the body’s way of dealing with unresolved psychological issues?  Perhaps it is all of these and more.  I could go on and list possible causes.  None of this really helps me if I am in…

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