The Worst Type of OCD (#OCDWeek 2018)

There are a lot of flavors, subtypes, whatever you want to call them of OCD. Each individuals experience with OCD can be exceptionally unique and tailored to what matters most to them.

But what is the worst type of OCD?

Is it harm OCD where you might fear hurting your loved ones? Is it POCD where you fear you are a pedophile. Is it sexual orientation OCD where you doubt your own identity?

I firmly believe that there is no worst type of OCD, and it is invalidating to try to rank them.

Technically, all types of OCD are still diagnosed as OCD. At the end of the day, it’s all OCD. Plus, it’s not uncommon for themes to coexist or change throughout your lifetime. That has certainly been my experience.

I don’t remember which therapist said it, but it stuck with me: Suffering is suffering, and pain is pain. All pain is valid and deserving of empathy and/or treatment.

Rather than trying to say which type of OCD is the worst, we should focus on our commonalities. It is far more productive to validate each other’s experiences.

Rant over,


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