A Very OCD Gift Exchange

I am beaming! I just had the best Secret Snowman gift exchange of my entire life. Some #OCDcon buddies and I had an ERP-themed gift exchange.

We made a list of our fears and obsessions, were randomly assigned to each other, and then sent gifts meant to (important point!) jokingly and lightly trigger the recipient.

It was hilarious. I’m again amazed at the creativity and brilliance of people with OCD. It makes for great gift-giving.

Here are all of the gifts received:

For fear of throwing up…a “trust your gut” intestine pin plus a coloring book



For fear of nuts and bad karma…Peanuts stickers, “stolen from the nut factory” custom pencils, and a karma bracelet



For HOCD…an LGBTQ+ fiction book



For general stress and fear of being straight…a stress Paul fidget toy



For HOCD…I ❤ “friend’s name” mug and rainbow socks



For not always getting answers from doctors…a pin about uncertainty



For existential OCD…a very existential mug



For indecisiveness and fear of not finding love/being an old cat lady…decision making notepad and cat pens



For indecisiveness and fear of being immoral…an indecisive mug and sociopath journal



For fears about morality…a “Life is short, break the rules” charm bracelet

(This is the gift I gave!)



And for me and my fear of cavities…gummy teeth!



I can’t wait to do it again next year! Thanks to Molly (my partner for Not Alone Notes) for the idea. In the meantime, I’ll try to enjoy my gummies.


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