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michigan daily

I published an Op-Ed in The Michigan Daily yesterday, an Ann Arbor newspaper run by University of Michigan students (my alma mater). My piece was about the recent Michigan Medicine (University of Michigan’s hospital system and where I received a good chunk of psychiatric care) rankings.

Op-ed: Michigan Medicine is one of the best, and can do better

I was nervous about publishing it because it’s not exactly a positive piece, and I’m not exactly a confrontation person. However, I thought it was important to bring up.

Then, I got a personal call from the Medical Director of Psychiatric Emergency Services about how they can improve short-term and long-term.

Pretty neat day,




  1. Wow. As somebody with a chronic mental illness (bipolar, with a bit of anxiety thrown in, just to keep things “interesting”) I can relate to your experience. I’ve been inpatient three times since I was first diagnosed correctly 14 years ago. Sometimes, if you’re “lucky” and you try to go inpatient through the ER, you’ll get a private room to “wait” in, until they find you an open bed. If there’s not one at that hospital, they’ll check every hospital in a 300-mile radius.

    And if they can’t find you one, you sit in the room until something opens up, or they send you home with somebody else who has to “babysit” you until they find a bed. Not that I’ve ever had that happen to me, mind you ;-). It’s ridiculous what we, as people with brain disorders, have to go through to get proper care in this country. Thanks for your opinion piece and I’m glad to see you got a response from the hospital. Sometimes we are our own best advocates.

    Nice job and keep up the good work!

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