Taking Up Space; Living in and Loving My Changing Body

Several months ago, I wrote an essay about changes in body size due to psychotrophic medication, being a dancer, and how I was thinking through these changes. This week, it was published and is my third essay with OC87 Recovery  Diaries!

This is a topic I haven’t quite come to peace with. It’s something I’m still working through, especially as my body continues to age and change in various ways. Still, it’s a starting point.

While writing the essay, I also took a series of self-portraits. My goal was to look and feel beautiful as a dancer, but not to hide any of my new shape in accomplishing that. A couple photos are sparsed throughout the essay, and I have included more below. I actually kind of love them.

I hope you enjoy the essay: https://oc87recoverydiaries.org/changing-body/


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